Thursday, May 24, 2012

Assalammualaikum :)

On 5th May , me and my classmates in Personal Development class went to the Rumah Baitul Hidayah for a community service. Supposedly on that day i go back to Kuantan for my cousins wedding but if i do not attend this community service my marks for this project will be deducted.  Children who live in a home Baitul Hidayah is a children who are abandoned and left out. Some of them are on leave at their grandmother home after birth. Some are submitted to the JKK village after found playing on the streets and some of them are submitted because of their family can not afford to raise them up.

On that day, we  were divide into groups and organized the sport activities such as looking for marbles in the water balloons, cans bowling, arrange puzzles and colouring contests. Each group will be given 4 or 5 kids to play these activities. We were having fun doing all the activities that we planned. The kids also enjoy that day.

waiting for the bus

what we eat for breakfast?? Nasi Lemak :D

find marbles in the water balloons

yeay! we got the second place :D

during gotong royong

who's this? :p

time for lunch :))


p/s: you also can watch the video on that day on youtube. just search for "consumer service at baitul hidayah (uitm shah alam)

AR <3

A New One :)

Assalammualaikum :)

It's been so long since the last time i wrote in here. I've delete all my post before this cause i want something new for my life. It is not because i am bored with my life but i want to change something that can make me feel more alive, make my life be more colourful.

So, here i am, a new Athirah Roslan :D

AR <3